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Roary the Racing Car is a British stop-motion children's television series created by David Jenkins and produced by Chapman Entertainment and Cosgrove Hall Films. It follows the adventures of Roary and his racing car friends at Silver Hatch race track.


"Roary the Racing Car follows the adventures of a young racing car who lives at the Silver Hatch racetrack. These stories explore Roary's relationships with his racing car friends and Big Chris, the karaoke loving mechanic." (link)

History on Sprout

It is commonly said that the show joined Sprout on September 26th, 2008 (the channel's 3rd anniversary, and during Chica's Big Birthday Surprise), but that's not true. It actually premiered on October 13, 2008, at 12PM EST. It was released on-demand three days earlier.[1] To prepare for the series premiere, it was the weekly theme on The Sunny Side Up Show for the week of October 5th. The show later aired at 9AM EST during The Sunny Side Up Show.

It stopped airing on Sprout on July 7, 2012, which was also the day NBC Kids launched.

In 2011, Sprout held Roary sweepstakes.[2]


  • The US dub of Roary only aired on Sprout. It also changed several things.
    • Most characters do not speak with their original British accent and instead have an American accent. The voice actors for most characters have also changed.
    • However, Maxi now has a Brooklyn accent instead of an Italian one.
    • The dub now uses American terms, such as truck instead of lorry.
    • Cici has been renamed to Zizzy.
    • Drifter was renamed to Dragga.
    • Flash is renamed to Furzz.
      • The catchphrase "Flash must dash" was also changed to "Furzz must fly".
    • FB is renamed to Trucksy.
    • Plugger is now named Lugga.
  • A themed recipe on SproutOnline.com was Roary's Racing Roll-ups.


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